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a Moment of Truth
a Word of Faith, Hope and Love from the Heart of Palestinian Suffering
-a statement by Palestinian Christian leaders
***Discuss this in your congregation! Need help? Contact Jan Miller
  • Ten Myths about Israel and Palestinians
  • Kairos Palestine
  • Voices from the Occupation--Israelis and Palestinians Speak Out
  • Peace Not Walls in the ELCA
  • Compassionate Listening in Israel and Palestine
  • Leadership training in the West Bank 


Peace not Walls

A special ELCA campaign calling for efforts toward a viable, contiguous Palestinian state, a secure Israeli state at peace with its Arab neighbors, and a shared Jerusalem with equal access and rights for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

  WATCH a Peace Not Walls video introduction

  READ ELCA Peace Not Walls strategy for engagement

  CONTACT a speaker in the Rocky Mountain Synod.  

  TRAVEL see "Holy Land Travel" on Bright Stars of Bethlehem site

  STUDY THE KAIROS PALESTINE DOCUMENT, the Palestinian Christians' call to Christians to support them in their struggle for human rights.

  SUPPORT the ministries of the Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, through Bright Stars of Bethlehem.

  WHY do we know so little about Palestinians? Watch "Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land" to see how media coverage influences us.

  WHY have more than 200 Israeli settlements have been built on occupied Palestinian land? Watch "The Iron Wall" documentary.

  WHY is a 2-state solution unlikely? Watch "Israel-Palestine, a Land in Fragments," a 2-minute video showing how Palestine is looking more like a Swiss cheese than a country.

  LEARN MORE from Middle East news sources:



Real Life Stories of Palestinian Christians in the West Bank

The Oregon Synod Peace Not Walls group has created a series of five videos to help us better understand the situation of Palestinians living in the West Bank.

The first three videos highlight three ministries of Lutherans in the Bethlehem area and East Jerusalem. The fourth explores the difficulties posed by the checkpoints in the West Bank. The last one illustrates the difficulties Palestinian families face in living together under a system of population control designed and enforced by Israel.

view video stories



RMS Peace Not Walls Working Group

To contact members of the Peace Not Walls group, please email rmsynod@rmselca.org

Malise de Bree
Pastor Ted Fritschel
Nadyne Guzmán
Jan Miller
Rod Schofield
Jo Ann Wacker-Farrand
Doug Wheeler
Natalie Walter
Melanie Ferraro

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