Legislation We Are Engaging in 2023


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For a summary of our work last year, see here: 2022 Summary.


The 2023 session of the Colorado General Assembly gaveled in on January 9, 2023. Below are the bills we're presently working on this year:



HB 23-1126 (Rep. Naquetta Ricks) - Consumer Reports Not Include Medical Debt Information

Bill text: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb23-1126

Status: Awaiting first hearing in House Business Affairs & Labor Committee

Medical debt can show up on consumer reports, impacting the perceived "credit worthiness" of those who hold it. Many factors have contributed to a health care system in which costs are ever-rising, and medical debt can quickly add up and impact a person's ability to access credit and the things credit scores are used for: rental housing, payment methods, mortgages, and more. This bill prevents medical debt from appearing on credit reports, and prevents collection agencies from falsely asserting that medical debt will impact one's credit score.

The bill has no fiscal note.



HB 23-1008 (Rep. Weissman) - Food Accessibility

Bill text: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb23-1008

Status: Awaiting first hearing in House Finance Committee

Communities across Colorado face the impact of food access, even in an economy of abundance such as ours. This bill transfers $1 million per year for the next 7 years to the Colorado Division of Prevention Services, directing the division to partner with a statewide nonprofit organization to provide healthy eating program incentives among Colorado's low-income populations. One purpose of the program incentives is to increase access to fresh Colorado-grown produce among these populations. The bill also creates and funds the Small Food Business Recovery & Resilience Grant Program in the Department of Agriculture

The bill will carry a fiscal note (not yet available).