Christ's Church, Better Together

In order to boldly and effectively continue our vital witness to the gospel as Church Better Together, the Rocky Mountain Synod Council has chosen to invest time and resources in four ministry initiatives that form our Next Faithful Step, along with our Racial Justice Tithe. These initiatives grow out of our existing synod strategic vision and are deeply rooted in what we  call our “ELCA DNA”: equipping the baptized for ministry, engaging in life-long faith formation, centering our witness on God’s living Word & the gifts of the Sacraments, living as a public church for the life of the world.

As you’ll see, our first two initiatives focus on our commitment to vital healthy leadership, as we equip and accompany rostered ministers, lay leaders, and congregations through education and support. The second two initiatives invite us to invest more deeply in two key synod properties. Supporting and developing these important assets will allow us to expand our ministry of hospitality, faith formation, and spirituality.

Online Gift Pledge Form
After submitting the pledge form, you may complete your gift in a number of ways:

  • Give a gift by credit card by scrolling to the bottom of the page, selecting "give," and then choosing "Next Faithful Step (RMS Campaign)" in the drop down.
  • Send in a check with "Next Faithful Step Campaign" in the memo line.
  • Authorize a transfer of stock or an IRA distribution by working with your financial advisor and contacting our Director for Development Tina Kvitek. Email her at She will provide account information for transfers.


Our Initiatives

Educate, Equip, Enact (3E)
Phase II of our Lilly Endowmant Grant focused on growing generosity, vitality, and healthy communities:

  1. Stewardship for All Seasons (SAS) and extending it into a 3-year series of program offerings.
  2. Ministerial Excellence Fund (MEF) providing various grants to rostered ministers to help develop stronger financial literacy skills and direct aid.
  3. Vital Right-Shaped Ministry, a new grant pillar, engaging both rostered ministers and congregations/ministries of the Synod to explore how the Spirit may be calling forth a new vision for ministry.

Excellence in Leadership
A two-year cohort based program that seeks to form courageous, resilient, and faithful leaders who are better equipped to build courageous, resilient, and faithful communities of faith, for the sake of the world.

Messiah Mountain Retreat Center
Through the generosity of Messiah Community Church (Denver), a 28-acre retreat site in the Denver foothills is being gifted to the Rocky Mountain Synod. This gift of space offers new opportunities for sabbath retreat and deepening our commitment to faith formation and spirituality, especially for those in the 2nd and 3rd thirds of life. In order to create a safe and welcoming Sabbath retreat space for guests, a number of immediate property improvements are needed as long-term visioning begins. 

Rocky Mountain Synod Lutheran Center
The Lutheran Center is the home of the Rocky Mountain Synod Office of the Bishop. Formerly home to the Valley Lutheran Church, the original facility was constructed uniquely with three separate buildings connected by a breezeway.  This unique building plan creates expanded opportunities for ministry and gathering, and we are grateful to offer a ministry of hospitality.  The Lutheran Center is continuing to be known as a place for groups and ministries to gather for large meetings.  A number of upgrades are needed in order to carry out a partnership with Alliance for Music Education Equity to create a place for music and arts education in an underserved region of Denver.

  • Create a space for concerts, educational events, and other large-group gatherings for up to 175 attendees.
  • Enlarge the stage area for a flexible setting for concerts or educational events.
  • Add a first-floor, gender neutral bathroom and kitchenette for hospitality.
  • Repair parking lot and improve drainage system

Join Us

Taking the next faithful step can feel daunting until we recognize that every Spirit-led journey invites us to follow in trust and hope. We dare to take this step because of our abiding commitment to live as Christ’s followers together. 

With YOU – your prayers, your partnership, your generous financial support – we will journey side-by-side in investing deeply in the ministry to which God is calling us TODAY for the sake of becoming the vital church the Spirit needs us to be TOMORROW. Please join our synod leadership as Christ’s Church, Better Together in taking this important Next Faithful Step.