Please take a few moment to share about your 2021 Synod Assembly Experience. If you did not attend a particular portion or have no feedback regarding any sessions, questions may be left blank.

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We know how you participated in this year's synod assembly impacted your experience. Participating together with an in-person small group may have allowed for easier conversation and interaction. Joining on your own likely allowed for greater engagement in the chat.
If you attended on your own, did you utilize the ZOOM breakout room option?
Please select which portions of the assembly you attended.
Please share any thoughts on the assembly schedule.
Please share any thoughts on our keynote addresses.
Please share any thoughts regarding our morning prayer and grounding moments.
Please share about Opening Worship, Evening Prayer, and Closing Worship.
Please share any thoughts regarding the nominations and elections process, as well as our voting app, Ballot Click.
Please share some of the highlights of this assembly for you.
Please share any challenges/changes/least favorite parts of this assembly.
Please share a learning, or something you are bringing back to your ministry, or the next conversation you feel called to step into.
Please share anything else you would like us to know.