We are committed to shared leadership 

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is committed to diverse and interdependent leadership across its three expressions — in nearly 10,000 congregations, 65 synods, partner ministries, and the churchwide organization. Leaders in these expressions work together, with guidance from the Churchwide Assembly, Church Council, Conference of Bishops, and elected churchwide officers, to ensure a strong foundation of leadership and support for the ELCA and its members as we do God’s work in the world. Together, guided by the Holy Spirit, we achieve things on a scale and scope that we could never do otherwise. 

The new Healthy Leaders team is committed to enriching and supporting wholeness in the lives of our synod leaders, both rostered and lay. 

Healthy Leaders Resources 


As Lutheran Christians we believe that all of us are called into Christian vocation and ministry through our baptism. All the baptized are gifted and called to serve in the church and in the world. How we respond and live out that calling is expressed in a great variety of ways.  These resources will introduce you to the two rosters of ordained ministry in the ELCA. Deacons serve as Ministers of Word and Service and Pastors serve as Ministers of Word and Sacrament. 

Candidacy Information

Rostered Minister Resources 

Resources to support and equip rostered ministers and congregations can be found on this page.

  • Annual reports and forms
  • Compensation Guidelines
  • Pulpit Supply
  • COVID-19 Resources 
  • Sabbatical 
  • Specialized Ministry

Rostered Minister Resources

Excellence in Leadership

Excellence in Leadership (EiL) seeks to form courageous, resilient, and faithful leaders who are better equipped to build courageous, resilient, and faithful communities of faith, for the sake of the world.

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Connect with faith formation leaders and networks across the synod for support, community, and learning.

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