We are Church -- Better Together

The word synod comes from a Greek word meaning "to travel a common road––to walk together." A synod can easily be understood as a region. The Rocky Mountain Synod is a five state region (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Western Texas) with 153 congregations, 9 campus ministries, 3 outdoor ministries, 2 public policy/advocacy offices, and 7 social ministry organizations. The Rocky Mountain Synod is part of Region 2 of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


Our Mission 

Together we proclaim and embody God's unconditional love for the sake of the world. 

Our Priorities

  • Claiming Our Gifts - Teach, proclaim and share the significance of our ELCA way of being part of Christ’s Church with a clear and contagious vision from abundance
  • Connecting in Ministry and Witness - Foster a Spirit of active collaboration and intentional connection across our Synod
  • Equipping All Leaders - Build healthy and vibrant faith communities by equipping lay leaders, pastors, and deacons for excellence in leadership
  • Accompanying One another into God’s Future - Seek and promote new ways of being Christ’s Church together in the world
  • Growing in Generosity - Strengthen our financial capacity for ministry and witness relying on a spirituality of generosity and abundance

RMS Strategic Plan

Statement of Welcome

We as the Rocky Mountain Synod, ELCA welcome all into the fullness of God’s love. This welcome is inclusive of people of every race, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, physical or mental ability, sex, or station in life. Rather than using our differences to divide us, we pledge to use our differences as gifts for our work together.”