We experienced a 20% increase in expected giving for 2021, far more than we anticipated. In large part, this was due to our participation in SAS, but it also was assisted, in a round about way, by the pandemic. We already had a way to give online but no one had used it. Since the pandemic started, we have gone from two families giving a recurring gift online to NINE families now. Most made an increase in their giving when they signed up.  This was also promoted by the SAS program, for us to take advantage of it, and they did. It stabilizes our giving and accounts for about half of the increase in expected giving for this year, which is pretty amazing. ~ Pr. Dan Tisdel, St. Mark's, Roswell, NM

I admit I was very apprehensive about asking people to increase their giving at this time. Our congregation is small, consisting of giving units of about 35 t 40 families.  We concentrated on the number of statements of intent and received a 75% return after several follow up calls. We asked for a total of $12,000 for three initiatives  and received almost $16,000.  I think the most effective presentations were the three people that spoke on the initiatives. Since we are doing parking lot  worship they had to stand outside and still gave very moving presentations.  The pastor also pushes online giving every Sunday while thanking people for their generosity. SAS  really does work! ~ Nancy Mahoney, St. Mark's, Roswell, NM

The pandemic necessitated having to change our methods in reaching out to our congregation since we were no longer fully worshiping face to face. In spite of the pandemic we still had success. We increased our commitments from 78 in 2020 to 95 for 2021. Our pledged giving for 2021 increased by nearly $42,000 over 2020. ~ King of Glory, Arvada, CO

Our relatively small congregation (~85 partners in ministry) undertook SAS Year 2 in 2020. Although, the effectiveness was very likely tamped down due to the Covid-19 restrictions hampering our communication efforts, we received over 70% of the Statements of Intent back from our partners in ministry, and through those achieved 80% of our increased giving goal in 2020 for 2021. We followed many of the steps of the fall appeal outlined in SAS, but not all. For example, we did not do an every member visit. We also provided several weeks for returning of the Statements of Intent instead of just a single week. We also could not really implement a "Celebration Sunday" due to Covid-19 restrictions. ~ Paul Ruths, Grace Lutheran, Colorado Springs, CO

Even during the Covid pandemic we were able to increase the number of givers and amounts given. Cannot imagine how amazing it would have been had we been able to meet with people in-person.

This is the third congregation in which we've drawn upon the resources and methodology of SAS & GSB with excellent results.  Its helpful for the members of the SAS team in a congregation to KNOW that GSB, through its multi-years work with non-profit organization, gives excellent advice, to the tune of $1B of results.  It's important for participants to know this fact, and have Evan's & Paul's phone numbers on 'speed dial' so when questions arise, CONTACT them instead of relying on one's own instincts; they have scars that we do not need to get also. ~ Pr. Gene Zeller, UT, NM, CO parishes