Building a Culture of Generosity - A Continuum of Learning

Building a culture isn't easy and it doesn't happen in a one-and-done. Actually it doesn't happen in a many-and-done. It's built on acquired wisdom, shared experiences, storytelling and so much more. 3E Stewardship has 4 programs available to Rocky Mountain Synod congregations of all sizes, locations and situations.  These programs provide effective training and materials to carry out fruitful, broad-range stewardship programs that enliven a culture of generosity.

"SAS is more than just a program for stewardship.  It has been a blessing to our congregation and changed not just the way we view giving but a start to how we talk about money and more importantly, the ministries it can enable.  Please keep it going in RMS!" ~ Tom Berardinelli, St. Luke Lutheran Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. Building a Culture of Generosity (BCG) is an online 6 session introduction to begin your culture-changing journey and run a fall appeal.
    It is designed for those congregations that have not yet participated in Stewardship for All Seasons (SAS) or may be thinking about SAS in the future.
  2. Stewardship for All Seasons (SAS) is a year-round training and one-on-one consultation to teach congregations how to design and carry out their own stewardship program year after year. Expected results include participants learning how to do year-round, ongoing stewardship ministry resulting in more money for ministry; a deepened commitment to mission; more energized stewards; and a growing culture of generosity in the DNA of congregations. Congregations are encouraged to continue SAS for second year strengthening generosity-culture building and diving deeper into how to be effective as a congregation in your fundraising efforts.
  3. Center for Generosity is an online set of tools (podcasts, videos, documents and consultant office hours) open for individual and group education. You choose and learn at your own pace and explore subjects of interest/concern to your context. It is self-directed and at no cost November 2021 - March+ 2022 in a pilot/trial program. SIGNUP using this link: 
  4. Generosity Watch Parties, the first of six sessions in 2022 is scheduled for Saturday, January 22, 2022, 10:00AM MST. If you are interested in joining us, read more here and register:

For information about any of these 3E Stewardship programs or to participate in future ones, contact Deb Elstad, 3E Associate Director for Stewardship,




“I expected that this program would help us put together a stewardship appeal but WOW! It has certainly exceeded my expectations in terms of the response we've been getting from folks in our community! Thank you for your work on the 3E Team and helping to make these resources available to congregations like ours! It has made a huge difference for us.” ~ Pr. Asher O'Callaghan, Highlands Lutheran, Denver, CO


GSB Fundraising, 3E's stewardship partner, has a passion for philanthropy – the art of giving and asking for gifts. They are in the business of creating lasting relationships with organizations whose missions depend on creating a sense of stewardship among its members. Read more about Stewardship for All Seasons

3E Core Value
We work from abundance
. From the opening chapters of Genesis depicting a flourishing, fruitful creation, to Jesus’ mission articulated in the Gospel of John: “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly,” God promises an abundance of gifts for the life of the world.