Synod: On Our Way, Together

April 25, 2 p.m., to April 27, 12 p.m.

Embassy Suites - Loveland, Colorado




Assembly Handbook:

Bishop election results

Budget documents

Resolutions and Memorials

Bible Studies

Worship Bulletins



General Election Results

Synod Council

  • Secretary: Sharen Kamp
  • Metro South Conference representative: Rev. Gary Sandberg
  • Boulder-Broomfield Conference representative: Rev. Matthew Weber
  • Southeast Colorado Conference representative: Rev. Carrie Baylis
  • Border Conference representative: No nominees
  • Wyoming Conference representative: Rev. Joshua Bruns
  • Youth member: Emmy Baylis
  • Young Adult member: Cynthia Bailey
  • At-Large Rostered Leader: Rev. Samm Melton-Hill
  • Person of color/primary language other than English: Laura Garcia Villalpando

Committee on Discipline

  • Lay leader: No nominees
  • Rostered leader (3): Rev. Stephanie Kopsch, Rev. Gordy Sandquist, Rev. Stephani Shumaker

Mission Outreach Committee

  • Lay or rostered leader: Scott Kallio

Congregational Ministries Committee

  • Lay or rostered leader (3): Jan Philpy, Christina L. Stegall, Dn. Colleen Teeuwe

Global Church Network

  • Lay or rostered leader: Sara Love

2025 ELCA Churchwide Assembly Voting Members (Phoenix, AZ, July 28-August 2, 2025)

  • Lay voting members (5): Kurt Rager, Terry Cole, Vicky Daub, Marissa Seuc-Hester, one spot reserved for Synod VP
  • Rostered Leader voting members (4): Dn. Sarah Bjornebo, Rev. Katie Chullino, Rev. Joel Pancoast, one spot reserved for Synod Bishop
  • Person of color/primary language other than English voting member (1): Ken Maldonado
  • Youth or young adult voting members (2): Emmy Baylis, Celia Davis



Photos by Pr. Michael TeKrony